At this time, 5 years ago

I was having an IV started, markers placed on the outside of my head and being escorted to the radiology department for a quick Stealth MRI. The next 10 hours would involve a craniotomy to remove the AVM in my left temporal lobe, followed by an emergency surgery to remove a clot that had developed in my brain following the surgery to remove the AVM.

I'd spend the next 9 months recovering and going through various types of therapy before finally returning to work. Five years later and here I am, working to supoort my wife, 3-year-old son and have another on the way come October. It's been a crazy 5 years, but here I am!

And we are so glad to have you Jake! Love the quick little note remembering and “celebrating” that crazy time for you. I am so very happy for you that you can look back 5 years post crazyiness and be ok with it. And not only that but look at what wonderful things you have had since the AVM! It’s absolutely the kind of post that I hope helps to comfort those people who are new here, who are scared about what this will “do” to their life. You are a perfect example of facing the hard stuff, recovering from it, and having a beautiful life after it. You, Erin, Parker, and the little bun are the cutest little family. I love it!

Thank you, Shalon! You know, Erin and I are still trying to find a name for our pending little one. Parker insists that we name him “Axel Pete Munns,” but now that you have said it, I’m thinking “Little Buns Munns” is perfect! ;O)

I’m anxious to one day see the reveal of the “New Shalon” and it looks like you are certainly heading in the right direction. That’s quite a bit of metal that they’ve pulled out recently!

You can call him LB for short! ha! I saw the Axel Pete thing in one of Erin’s fb posts :slight_smile: Gotta love P for sticking to his guns on that. :slight_smile:
I know, the metal is totally crazy! Those surprise coild remval pics were totally cool but still so very disturbing. I actually just got my surgery date yesterday. August 19th we are doing phase one by removing the coils. Only 3 weeks away. I’m super duper nervous and scared thinking of the bleeding factor. But what are you gonna do but just go in with confidence and a high level of hope… So not sure this is going to be the “new and improved” me. It may be the “temporary but on the way” version. Either way we are still making progress and that is important. We will eventually get to the new me and I’ll be like a Super Model! ha!

But, Shalon, you’ve BEEN a Super Model for quite some time now… I’ve seen the pics!

Cheers to your 5-year anniversary!

Take care,


I have so enjoyed reading about your five year accomplishments! You really remind me of my husbands journey. You both have done and continue to do remarkable things despite the major “road bump” you had along the way. Many blessings to your wife, son, and future little one!

YIPPY!!! YAY!!! Congratulations!!! Your 5th rebirthday and a new baby in the same year! How wonderful and so exciting! You are for sure doing something right so keep doing it! Kick ass take names and write them down!

Welcome to the July AVM’s. Congrat’s on your accomplishments. Keep up the good work.

Well done, I am just starting my healingand have wondered how long it will take. Glad to hear of your success.

Congradulations (on the 5 years, family, & new baby), Jake!!! (I will be 1 year post-op Aug. 31,2010 and reading positive stories of others’ is very inspirational. Thank you!) Wishing you the best! Take care!

Wow, heartening to see this post. We are JUST starting our journey, after a bleed and AVM discovery last weekend.