At my whitz end!

So after being on social security for 4 years (just over). I had a review in December to determine if I was still disabled. Which fine I know this is part of the drill. I just had another gamma knife in 2010 and that was 13 months before I had to reviewed by a dr that doesn't even know what and AVM is. That seems fair NOT. Well Over the weekend I received a letter stating that my health had improved and they know I have headaches, seziures at times, depression, but that I had a normal examination. So they determined I can now work. If the AVM is in my brain what do they expect to see on the outside of my body?????????????????????????????????????? How am I suppose to look?? Sorry I dont look ill or that day I was there I wasn't suffering from a horrible headache. Im so mad and pissed they are screwing with my life. If I dont get money or hold down a job how can my husband and I pay our bills??? Now I have fight/ appeal my case and PRAY I win. Until I can get rid of this AVM and get my life back in order and get off meds and learn to go back to work. Right now Im not capable to. Im lucky to do what I can as it is. Just to mad I cant take anymore!

Thanks for reading and "listening" to my rant please pray for me and my family. We need all we can get right now.

Andrea, When I went on SSI I was told that they would review me. I'm at the 4 1/2 mark as well. Having a brain injury is why we are on SSI..I wish that my brain injury healed, but it asn't..I'm sure I'm next..You will be in my thoughts and prayers..Please appeal your case and let us know about this darn test.

I know how frustrating that must be. It took me almost 2 years to be approved for SSI and I can only imagine what I would do if they told me I'm fine to work now. Can you get an attorney for the appeal like you can when you initially apply? I'm guessing you'll probably need all of the doctor's records since the time when you were approved? Then I would say you probably want to document any new symptoms or problems you ave had since that time as well. Good luck and hang in there!

Hang in there, Andrea!
As Trish suggested, check w/attorney's who handle SSDI claims.
And yes, you'll probably need copies of med records, dr. appt. dates, list of Rx meds, etc.
Best of luck & stay strong. :)

I was denied SSI when I filed... I didn't fight it.... like maybe I should have.... someone told me that most everyone gets denied the first time they file.... not sure how true that is.

Tina, that's abssolutely true. There are a few conditions that guarantee an approval without question. Like my mom has stage 4 colo-rectal cancer...She was approved immediately. For most everyone else a denial the first time is the norm. I was denied twice before I hired a lawyer. You should absolutely fight it if you are unable to work! It's our money. We paid into the system all of the years we worked. It's not a government handout, it's our right!

Thank you so much everyone! When I first went on Social securtiy I was approved right away its this review 4 and some months later that Im getting screwed over!!! One lawyer said to get my Dr to give us a ton of info to back up my case and to disprove their claim that Im fine. He is watching me closely every 6 months with mris and seeing me and everything else how does that alone not show that Im not ready to work yet????? Get those scumbags on the street collect it because of some bullshit that they could have prevented. I can prevent this avm or headaches or seziures or the depression that comes from feeling down about not providing for my family and so on. So glad that I have the support from all of you! It just so stressful to have to fight for somethign that I currenlt deserve and I pray to come off of one day and to get back into a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks again everyone big hugs :)

Is it because you are on SSI that you get a review? I have been on SSDI for 8 years, and have never had a review?


Hi Beansy no I dont get SSI I do get SSD dont know if that is the same as SSDI?? I was told that I would have a review which I am fine with because I am so young (29) but Im just beyond pissed that they think Im healthy. Today my Dr gave me a letter to back me up with my lawyer that I will meet with on Friday so he will see that Im not some bum pull crap. Im truly just trying to get what i need till this is gone and I can go back to work when I am fully capable! I just hope for good news on this appeal from here on out!!!!!