At first this was sad

As with many avm survivors i experienced a severe personality change after my bleed. At first i couldnt explain why i am the way i am. Then i read a thing online going into more detail about how the cerebellum also effects emotion. I previously thought it was only like the frontal lobe or whatever that could change you so I never knew why.

Does anyone else experience these thing bc of damage to the cerebellum?

Easily cries
No impulse control
No filter
Inattentiveness Ruminativeness
Obsessional thoughts
unpredictability Sadness
Avoidant behaviors
Lack of empathy
Paranoia Muted affect
Difficulty with social cues and interactions
Unawareness of social boundaries

My wife experienced some of these (honestly, some of the words, I didn't understand from your list).

It is a complex thing that has happened to your body. For us, talking with a good counselor helped her (and the whole family)work through the fear, anxiety, etc. I highly recommend it.

Ron, KS

I have dealt with some of those myself after having a bleed last year. For me a lot of it was anxiety (I was deathly afraid of being alone worried that another bleed would happen again which is a possibility for me as I have an active AVM) and I have totally noticed that I cry a lot easier than I did before. I posted about this in another thread recently but I will post it again here.

Before my brush with death I might have cried when watching a sad movie that had to do with something bad happening to animals (like Marley and Me). Now, I cry every time i hear a sad story about ANYTHING. I even cry when I see this commercial on TV with my doctor in it. First time I saw the commercial I started SOBBING because I can't thank him enough for saving my life.

I would suggest talking to a neuropsychologist about any of these symptoms you may be having. I spoke with a counselor about my anxiety and made some changes like selling the house where it happened and moving elswhere as I noticed that I had more anxiety being alone in that house than in somewhere like a hotel room. The counslor helped me greatly!

I also am apathetic

My first thought when I read your list was frontal lobe damage. There just is so much about the human brain we do not understand. It certainly would not hurt to talk with a counselor or a neuropsychologist. Lots of members on here have found great relief into talking with a professional who specialized in TBIs or ABIs.

It's not just the cerebellum. I forget where my AVM is exactly, near the speech center and deep. I have experienced and still do some of the things on your list.

Omg yes. Mostly on the no filter thing. It actually got me in some trouble in outpatient rehab. In the hospital my parents thought it was hilarious & wrote down a lot of the crazy stuff I was saying, but now it’s kinda a pain because I’m constantly worried I’m offending people or something. & depression too. I think it’s because I just wish things would go back to the way they used to be. Everything is so much harder now. I hate it. I just wish at some point it would be over so I could move on finally.

Yeah at this point I just say & do whatever I want. Meeting people is weird sometimes but I find that only certain types of people can handle the randomness. When it comes to teacher ect I find that I don’t see authority. I talk to almost everyone as though they are my friends meaning I call them dude or what have you. Life got easier though I just got used to it all

Yes to your whole list except I have to look up anhedonia to check what it is. It’s been over 50 years since the craniotomy. Only in the past 15 or so years has anyone connected the dots. I was known as droopy, sad sack, bull in a china shop, crybaby, selfish, a loner, etc. I do know now that even though my Avm was in the back – occipital lobe – and since there are no medical records, it could have been in the parietal also, I have been called labile by doctors many times. I never knew what that meant and thought they were calling me fat, even though I wasn’t. You are not the reason, you are not nuts, far as I know a lot of it can’t really be changed, although I have tried. I finally learned to live with it as best I could. Anything else you wish to ask, please do. Sorry I did not see this sooner,


Yes, most definitely anhedonia is one of the worst results.


Yeah I had to look up some words too. I feel pretty cool though

well i just had a brain bleed on 11/3/2012 i hsve also been through a lot,i am a young male and never really shows much emotion but after my bleed every time i talk on the phone i cry,but as time went on those crys turned in to smiles and laughs

"I thought they were calling me fat..." Ha ha ha ha !! I will be laughing about that for days. Thank you, beansy :)

PS. I just had to Google labile.
PPS. My filter is definitely compromised, too.
PPPS. 50 years post op! That is SO hardcore, especially bc the medical environment must have been so different then.

Ann did you think labile meant fat? That is a good one. Yeah, the times were different in 1959. No scans - just barbaric tests that hurt. I stayed in a ward full of kids. No one could be there with me except during visiting hours. Amazing I am still here.

With all due respect, you sound just plain upset. And no one in this world could blame you. This is scary shit. But, I encourage you to consider this from that standpoint too.
11 year cerebral AVM survivor

Its easier to breathe now knowing im not crazy but my brain is. Thanks