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Is there anyone here have taken covid vaccine?

Asking is it ok to have any covid vaccine even i have a Brain AVM.

None here. Research c-19 vax and spike proteins RE: endothelial lining and stroke potential. GK

I did - no problems at all. I actually got my first shot while I was still at the rehab hospital recovering from two brain embolizations (actually, I don’t think the embolizations were in the brain but were just outside it controlling blood flow in my brain). All of my medical staff knew and it seemed they were more personally interested in how I did afterwards, but they had no problems with me having the vaccine or with me getting it right after two embolizations that were definitely brain related. My pulmonologist (the nerves that control my left lung were partially damaged and it operates at about 50% efficiency) and I have talked numerous times about the virus, the vaccine, and masks/social distancing etc. If I could summarize his feelings and his views on it in one sentence, I would say something like: “You are not at a significantly higher risk of getting COVID, but if you get COVID you are at a significantly higher risk of getting a significantly more serious case of it, including a significantly higher risk of it being fatal.”

The first shot, I felt achy for the rest of the day, and from about 6 hours afterward to about 24 hours afterward, it seemed like every major joint in my body ached. After that, I was back to my normal post embolization feeling lousy. The second shot was less than that.

That’s my experience, I have three medical people in my family and they are all very strongly pro-vaccine. For yourself and for those around you, consult with your doctor but unless you are significantly immunocompromised (from what I understand that means cancer, HIV and things like that), it should be a “get the shot” conversation with your doctor.

(Can you tell I’ve been married to a nurse for 36 years? I think I’m starting to sound like one. LOL)

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A fairly common consequence of Covid infections seems to be abnormal clotting and stroke, so frequently hospitalized patients are put on blood thinners. Blood thinners? Heck, I’m not even supposed to take an ibuprofen because of the risk for a rebleed. In other words, I had NO hesitation in getting a vaccine!

Of course you should definitely ask your doctor to see if there are any considerations specific to your medical history.

My kid’s summer job is as a night-shift patient care tech in a hospital not far from his campus, and he’s a float so he works in all parts of the hospital. Tonight he called me during his break to tell me he was working on the Covid step-down unit, and it it was rough. These are the patients who aren’t intubated or in ICU, but some of them are very sick. Anyway - you don’t want to be there.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t have so much as a sore arm from the vaccine, which is probably the most common reaction. I didn’t realize how much unconscious stress I’d felt continuously over the prior year until I was protected. I know it’s a cliche to say a weight has been lifted, but that’s exactly what it felt like when I got my second dose.

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I had Pfizer, no problems. Indeed as someone with an AVM having had a bleed I was deemed in an ‘at risk’ group so the vaccine was probably important to get, just as I now have the flu jab each year.


I spoke to my current PCP about it & he advised against it. He’s been my PCP ever since he got assigned to me post my embolization.

He said I “can” get it - but, it’s good that I haven’t(whatever that means)

So, at this point I’m kind of asking myself the same question - is it better not to, or do - I don’t know

Somehow I deleted my previous post. Here it is:
I had Pfizer and my fully vaxxed date was 4/23/21. This was before I knew I had a brain AVM. I found out I had a brain AVM on 6/17/21 after two abnormal severe headaches and my GP insisting on a brain CT. In a matter of days, new words like “nidus,” “embolization,” and “Barrow” are now in my lexicon.

I am pro-vaccine. However, there is new research that will be published in the journal Neurology titled “COVID-19 and Vaccination in the Setting of Neurologic Disease: An Emerging Issue in Neurology.” I am still in the consult phase for taking care of my AVM. But I am asking my prospective neurologists/neurosurgeons about the feasibility of getting a booster given the conclusion of this paper. Covid is not just a respiratory disease–a fact which is not popular in the mainstream media other than in descriptions of “long-haulers.” I want neuros I will deal with to have knowledge about how Covid and Covid vaccines interact with our brains and AVMs. Tough sledding because it’s probably too early to tell.

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I got my shots…Phizer. Had NO problems at all…not even a sore arm. I’ve been fully immunized since early April. I had an
AVM about 2 1/2 inches behind my right ear and the 4th anniversary of the surgery is on the 24th of this month. I figured I’d have more problems if I didn’t vaccinate and caught Covid since I also have asthma. My doctor said nothing about maybe the vaccine messing with my brain but as it turns out it didn’t hurt mine at all.

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My pulmonologist (because it is a respiratory thing AND because my left lung only works at 50% of normal) said that if I didn’t get the vaccine and I got the virus, I’d be a sure bet for time in the ICU, probably on a ventilator AND he would recommend that I have my affairs in order.


I asked my primary care doctor and my neurologist and told them what my pulmonologist said, their response? “Yeah, that’s a solid assessment of it.”

He also said that if I got the vaccine, I might have more of the “flu” feelings after getting it and for a few days longer than most, but that’s it.

So, I got the vaccine, after the first 24 hours, my wife, the RN and the picture of health felt worse with hers than I did with mine. For the first 24 hours, I felt worse. After that, it bounced back quite rapidly. Oh and my neurologist knew I was getting my first dose of the vaccine 8 days after one of my embolizations and he was fine with that.

I’m glad I got the vaccine, I’m still quite concerned about the current Covid state of affairs and think I’m going to spend more time with my dog than with any amount of people any time soon…