Asian avm survivors

If any Asian people suffer from AVM .Please share their view on this Blog.Since I am also AVM Patient from Nepal.Till now not treatable now.

Hi, I am from Singapore. Still thinking of treating it but my doctor is quite pessimis of doing radiosurgery as mine is quite large. Why arent you treating your Avm?

hi.I am from kathmandu.Thanks for your comment.I think your AVM is in brain and you should to neuro Dr?In my case my AVM is in my right knee it congenital AVM,I found it very late 2008 but it has developed a lot vascular channel so surgery also not possible ,you can not do radio surgery in knee case .In Singapore also not possible to treatment one hospital has offered me but they offered me to change my knee and do by pass surgery .Since i didn’t have knee
problem why should i change my knee ?This knee will work for 25 years only.In Summary i could not get satisfaction answer from them.Surgery is not possible in my case because AVM is invasive and recur again.I can get treatment in USA or Japan but there treatment expense is quite highl…, ie problem i could not get treatment for case.I need many session to get controlled my avm.
now main thing fund blocked .


hi Kyle
My problem can be treated with embolotherapy with coil and sclerotherapy .This Sclerotherapy is the main thing for this Dr needs to be expert ones.That thing i am not getting here .U can look in my MRA my AVM is quite large an has a lot of feeding vessels. .