As if i didnt have enough going on

With my next surgery comming up on the 11th I was starting to get a little stressed. Then we received a letter from my endovascular nerosergon that said that as of March 19th they would no longer be accepting my insurance. So now I am hoping this will be my last surgery because there is no what I can afford to pay for one of these surgeries with out insurance. At this point I dont know what I am going to do.

Your insurance should be accepted at other surgeons offices though, so check with the current doctors and get someone else lined up. I know you might not want to change doctors, but if they recommend someone good, then you still should be ok. Much better than paying out of pocket for these things.

Hope you can get some resolution to this.


I'm so sorry about the extra stress! You really don't need it right now. Do your best not to worry about this yet. Your top priority is going into surgery and into your recovery in the best frame of mind you can. From a lot of experience, I've learned that the vast majority of the worst-case scenarios we imagine never come to pass.

If you think it would help to do a little planning ahead, there are some steps you can take to make sure your care doesn't get interrupted. I suggest that you ask your surgeon to give you the names of some colleagues who can do your future care. I hope this is your last surgery, but you're probably going to want to have follow-up visits in the future. (Switching to a different doctor can even be a good thing--you get a second pair of eyes on your case, like a second opinion.) Another thing you can do is contact your insurance company and ask about "continuity of care." In the long run, it's going to be cheaper for them to have you finish your care with the best doctor for the job, so some companies will allow you to continue care that would otherwise be interrupted.

If that's just added stress, let it wait until you can handle it. There will be another doctor who takes your insurance, so you won't have to go without.

Perhaps this next procedure will work. If not I agree with the others…a new doctor might even be better!

I know you are your mothers daughter and worrying is your second nature sweetheart but, STOP! That's my job! You do not need to worry, Dad and I will handle whatever comes your way. As you know I am a fighter and you will get anything that is medically necessary paid for ! The Dr. and insurance companies don't know who they have messed with! I know I could have just told you this face to face but, sometimes it is easier for both of us to step back from our emotional tie with each other and I thought you reading this when I am not standing in front of you might be easier for both of us! I will NEVER stop taking care of you! It is the one thing in life I know I'm good at! I love you peanut! Just concentrate on healing for me!
Love you,

My family moved me out and into my brother's house-- he is a seasonal worker= low income, with a 2yr old all 3 of us are on Medicaid ! And That pays for Everything! Even transportation!! Good luck.