Linda sent me an interesting e-mail, thanks Linda.

The ARUBA study which examines unruptured brain AVMs, has come out with an interim analysis which shows that medical management is superior to intervention in patients with unruptured brain AVMs.

Has anyone else heard about that? Where can we find out more?

I also read this article- thank u Linda for sending it out! Iheard of the Aruba trials months ago, actually spoke to a Dr in Miami seeing patients in the trial. I decided not to sign up and forgot about it until I read the Email yesterday. I still don’t know what to think though I did goggle ’ Aruba trial results’ there were a couple sites.

I'm not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense. Are they saying wait for a bleed then address?

Hi, Gerda, the results from ARUBA are preliminary, so it is too soon to tell yet what they may mean. Most of us want to know how medical management compares with intervention after more than just a few years of observation, right? If you are curious about the significance of ARUBA, I would recommend that you have a conversation with your neuro and ask for his or her interpretation of the data.

The results will be presented at the European Stroke conference in London on May 31.

Go to the NINDS (national institute for nuerological
disorders and stroke)website. ARUBA was the outside group
monitoring the results. Per this study, treating symtoms
had a much better outcome then intervention so that is why
they stopped enrollment. I myself had radaition last July
so I was kinda like…10 months to late but was also told
since mine is deep (hypothalmus) it could end up needing a
second treatment. We will see what other studies are showing
before I will decide to do it again!

Here is the article.
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As others have stated, I'd wait for more info to come out. Right now, I think the best guidance is from your AVM medical team. They should know.............

Ron, KS

Definitely agree with ron, let’s also keep in mind every situationis different, regardless the results of the study I trust my Dr and i will make the best decision for me based on my medical needs.

Thank you all for your input. In my case, some Drs. said do it, others said Don't.
My gut feeling was from the start not to do anything, but then I have very mild symptoms, and I am 73 years old.
As some of you said, we all have our particular situation. I am thankful, though that now I can just wait and see with a little more confidence.

some dates are on page 191.

What means "medical management" ? did anybody know ?

medications -- to control seizures, or to relieve pain, or to lower blood pressure