Arterial Venus Malformation (avm) or Aneurysms..... What is the difference between the two?

Ten years ago was the first time I heard of aneurysms, a few months after that I had a craniotomy. I found out that I had 2 small avms after surgery. It was the first time I heard of avm. I can’t really get a straight answer from the doctor that I can rember. I try to tell them to tell me in simple terms, but they always have so much to say and I just can’t understand what they’re talking about. I think they are both the same thing, it’s just that one maybe be bigger than the other. They both are malformation of your arteries…maybe when it’s a certain size it’s an avm and then when it get’s bigger to a certain size…then maybe it’s an aneurysm. This is my opinion, what are your opinions? Maybe they are one in the same.

AVM is born w/. Anni’s can arrive @ any time.

an aneurysm is a bulge or bubble in the walls of the vains,this happens when to much pressure is put on the vains and causes it to get thin and bulge and even open and bleed,the avm is something you are born with,both are different and for alot of us avm people,they go hand in hand,hope this helps some,im also not good with the terms,I TRY TO LEARN AS i go,haha,not learning much,lol

These 2 links explain it great also!

Thanks to everyone for your support. Kim thanks a lot for the links, I browsed through them both, but have to go back and read them again and try to understand the difference between the avm and aneurysm. I’m so nervous about this angiogram, I will have it done, I just don’t want to. I have to go for an evaluation on the 27th to see my neurosurgeon, from there I’ll found out when my angiogram will be. He’s gonna have to give me something to ease my nerves… I’ll ask him to.

one big difference i know is that aneurysm is going (i dont know the term) from the mother to the daughter

an aneurysm is a weakness in the wall of a vein or artery that bulges out. and avm is a group of arteries or veins that don’t have any reason for being there and they can have aneurysms on them. in most cases you are born with avm’s. aneurysm’s develop as the walls of vein and arteries weaken as we age. a bicycle inner tube if inflated shows what an aneurysm looks like because the weakest part will bulge out and if inflated to much burst. hope that make some sense

Thanks Tom, it makes plenty of sense.