13 weeks post op now. Have had my post op check up cancelled 3 times! Am totally fed up as it feels my life is on hold until I get some answers and find out whats next for me treatment wise! Fantastic hospital Surgeon, Doctors and Nurses but post op care appalling!

Yvonne, I was so shocked to read on your page that your post op was for a crainiotomy!!! How can they cancel that 3 times!??? That is so insane to me! I think you maybe need to get angry or have someone else call for you and voice your frustration for you. That is crazy and I don’t even care what their excuse is. I am glad you have a good experience during this emergency. My sister had DVT last year and I know how frightening that is and how hard it is to treat. You have alot going on for sure. I hope you have good family support.

Hi Yvonne. Maybe you add a Grrrrrr to that arrrrrrgh. I would be very upset too if I had had such appalling post-op care.