My cerebral avm bled last Nov and my treatment which was embolization which I had this July resulted in me havin a stroke. I was a big user of aromatheraoy oils before this but am aprehensive about almost everything. Has anyone used and benifited from essential oils?

No but one of my nurses recommended it to calm my stress. I’d say the best stress reliever was family support, and taking deep breaths with water. Have you tried these techniques?

Yehh I have all that and weekly relaxation tecniques with my O.T. just slways enjoyed using aromatherapy.

No, I have not used the essential oils but if I did the oils would have to be pure 100% organic and pure. I think doterra (check spelling) oils, I have heard from several people are pure and work well. Hope this helps.

I don't think the oils would have caused your bled, I'm sure you are aprehensive . But different issues could have been to blame for it. Not funny but my daughter's avm bled also happend last nov, it is 1 yr this sun..she also had a stroke, we never used aroma therapy before hers. I have noticed one thing, I think more AVm's occur in Fall, that's what Hereshey told us this time of year they happend the most.. There has to be a reason, the barametric pressure is up higher in the fall, so is the pressures in your head ICP pressures, just wonder if the two have any kind of connection? Just something to think about..I have read alot of people's avm have occured more often in the fall than at other times in the year, just strange.