Arm Problem

Two months ago I started having pains in my right arm and shoulder. It feels like I slepped on in wrong, but the pain and numbness never goes away. Had another Brain MRI two weeks ago. Waiting for my doctors at USC to review the images. Anybody have a simliar condition?


Hi Derrick,
I get it in my neck. I don't have it in my arms but, I now have carpal tunnel in both my hands. My right one being the worst. I do have the same symptoms that you described in my left leg. And that's been getting worst. I walk with a limp now and I can't stand more that 3 minutes on it or it will go out on me. I usually have a cane for situations when I know I'll be standing in one spot for a while.

Good luck on your test results and I hope the drs. can help you. Hopefully, it turns out to be something simple or easily fixed. I go to a chirpractor and he helps me a lot.


Hi Derrick - Are these pains totally new for you? Has anything else changed physically for you that might have caused this pain lately? By the way, I see you live in So Cal, as do I. Please join our southern california group. there are a few people who live near you too. Hope to meet you one day and let us know about your MRI report.