Arie Pearl our joy!

I figured that it was time to share Arie with you all. Her facial AVM isn’t as acute or involved as many of you. We are praying hard it stays this way. She is an active child playing 3 different instruments, and swimming is her passion. The dogs you see in the pictures are a joy as well. They are an constant comedy routine. Never know what they will get into next or decide how to entertain us with some antic.
Swimming is a joy for Arie, I hope she can continue. She just loves that when she gets in the water she can forget everything and just be. She likes that she sees results with hard work. She just adores her summer league swim team and really pray she can continue to keep swimming on it. I just wanted to take some time to share the light of our life, the blessing we were given 11 years ago! Thank you all for all the support you have shown us this far, it has been such a gift to us all!

Thank you, Jody. I’ve enjoyed getting yo know Arie tonight through her pictures, and now through your blog.

Hello Jody, and Miss Arie. Hope the day is good as it can be…and better!! Thank you for sharring your selves with us. Swimming caught my attention-hmmm…personal accomplishment achieved by ones being in syn with one’s mind, body, heart, and soul while being an integral part of a team effort. Sounds rather like living life, yes?? Excellent choice Miss Arie and I pray you shall continue in this endeavor and remain successful in all of your goals and see the accomplishments of all your hard work . (As long as your grades stay up and your parents and physicians and instructors say it is so. Oh, children do ALL of the HARD WORK!!!) You are all in my prayers. Be good to you. Take care of you. (You too Jody, moms forget to…)

Thanks for sharing with us a little bit about Arie. Please make sure you stay well-informed about facial AVMs, by communicating with members who have facial AVM. They (along with your physician obviously) can be a great resource.