Are AVM's life threatening?

So I received a call from The Make a Wish Foundation today that Dr. Yakes denied her from getting granted a wish because he said that her AVM is not considered life threatening. Even in his own literature he mentions that AVMs can be life threatening. So her bleeds, infections, 33 embolizations, necrosis, strain on her heart, etc. aren't considered to be a possiblility of life threatening events. I feel extremely disappointed that he would not grant her the wish. Can my baby ever catch a break??

I'm sorry he denied her. Doctors have been weirdly inconsistent with Make-A-Wish. Some kids here have been approved, and others denied. What would Camellia's wish be?

I am a wish kid. When I was 14 I was granted a wish through Make A Wish. People don't seem to understand the complexity of an AVM and the involvement. It affects every area of the life in addition to being sometimes very detrimental to ones health. They certainly can be life threatening and I am proof. I had a major arterial bleed and came very very close to losing the fight. I can only say that it is a miracle I'm here now, still fighting every day, and I really want all of the kids going through situations similar to mine to be given something special, some great news for once. They need to just give them a wish.

We should start our own version of Make-a-Wish and grant her wish!

I don’t know if all are. But mine was with 5 hemorrhages. I wish we could make her wish come true.

That’s odd. My daughter suffered a massive hemorrhage from her AVM. She was granted her wish – family trip to Disney World. Maybe child life specialist could help you?