April 28th

The appointment went well. We were seen by a radiologist who is doing his Fellowship at the clinic. The good news he thinks my son does not have an AVM, only couple of large Venous Malformations, and the small Meningioma on the MRI is nothing in his opinion, but he can not exclude a Dural AVM and maybe some complications of the superficial blood vessel running trough my sons forehead. (May communicate with a vessel inside his brain) He said we shouldn't had have laser surgery on it. He was not able to arrange a Cardiologist to look at my son, but decided to do an Angiogram on May 20th. He told us the diagnosis, but I was so shocked I did not write it down. We were there for 90 minutes and the Doc was going out to consult the Radiologist, I don't know his name, we were never told. I couldn't sleep last night, I was very tired. On the other hand my son did very well, asked lots of questions.

I think the Dr's name is Dr Matuck.

I can understand how exhausted you must be. It sounds like there is alot going on and you definitely will get more info after the angiogram. When you say 'diagnosis' do you mean the one regarding his brain or his heart?

I hope you sleep better tonite.

He told us a diagnosis regarding the malformation on his forehead. This used to be like a blue birth mark, with indentation inside the bone, we did laser surgery on it 3X at a dermatologist’s office in Toronto, because it was bothering him esthetically. Now seems like it is draining inside the skull, it is partially obliterated.

O mom, Great news! Tell Kornel not to worry about the angio, it should be done as an outpatient procedure and he’ll be home same day. Only tedious part is lying flat for 6-8 hrs post op while the femoral artery heals. Keep us posted, glad u got some clarification and hopefully peace of mind.:slight_smile: -GK