April 26, 2009

OK, Seyward got her new brace…it has soccer balls on it, of course. She was the captain of her high school soccer team and when she joined the army she also joined three soccer teams…of which all three were championship teams. Then on one teams championship game she was diagnoised with AVM and was not allowed to run or lift more than 20 lbs. Anyway, yesterday she said she was afraid she’d be in a wheel chair all her life. I think she’s been in rehab for so long and the achievements are overall great, but on a daily basis little tiny steps…she’s just getting discouraged. Any encouragement suggestions would be appreciated. I thought I’d bring her bird one day and ask her case manager is she can have a pass so we can take her out to eat or go somewhere…maybe that’ll help. The army assigned her another case worker…we so want to be able to take her back to Virginia and get her rehabed there…I hope the army will medically discharge her, give her 100% benefits and let us use her insurance to rehab her at home. We can’t even get any army personnel to call us back…very frustrating. She has so many true friends at home that I know would kick her butt and support her…keep her driven to work hard. Well, like Bill says I should not speculate…one day at a time…Thanks to everyone out there in cyberland for your encouraging words…I wish I had a magic wand that would make AVM go away…God bless you all.

i know exactly how seyward is feeling i was there myself just over a year ago…sitting in a wheelchair is deppressing and you wonder if you will ever get out…in the scheme of things she really hasnt been in rehab all that long…i spent 9 weeks in rehab and when i left i was walking but onlt short distances with a stick…when i would go on long trips i would still need the chair after a stroke it is just not re teaching your brain you have also lost lots of muscle mass and control and strength that needs to be rebuilt over time this dosnt happen overnight… tell her she will walk again it just takes time and patience…one thing i used to do is visualise myself walking…just close my eyes and see myself walking…it is amazing what the power of the mind can do …when i first got to rehab my family and i were told not to get our hopes up…they doubted that i would ever walk again…my husband and i were told to sell our dream double story home that we only built a couple of years earlier because i would never get to the top story again …as i sat there day and night all i had was the power of my mind and i was determind to prove all these people wrong…there was noway at 28 years old i was spending the rest of my life in a chair…i didnt have the muscles to get up and walk and i couldnt remember how to do it but i had the power to visulalise it…i would sit there for hours a day just visualising myself walking and 9 weeks later i left there walking …i believe if you can go there in your mind you will go there in your body…i still use visualisationation a year later for my continued healing…tell seyward to give it a go…it is amazing how real visualisation can feel…and it does work…a day trip out for lunch is a great idea…this may really lift her spirits…please share with her a few words of encouragement that have really helped me get where i am today…Dont let go of hope.Hope gives you strength to keep going when you feel like giving up. Dont ever quit believing in yourself . As long as you believe, you have reason to try… you will get there seyward xxxx