April 22, 2009

Yesterday Seyward walked up some steps…still a little shakey, but getting there. They are doing an X-ray today because her shoulder may be dislocated. I understand that happens with storkes. The shoulder is on her paralized side, so I hope it’s not dislocated because I’m worried that will delay her recovery in her arm. She goes back to see her doctor on May 11. Still no response from the army on her status. We are praying we can take her home at least by June so we can take her with us on our beach trip June 13th. I certainly hope that Virginia has some physical therapists that are skilled and can help her liked she has been helped at Warm Springs in Texas. It just seems sooooo sloowwww…I wish this was me instead of her. God bless each one of you that is going through this. I keep saying that this is so scary and it is constantly in the back of my mind what can happen with her health, what the army will do as far as her pay and release and on and on and on. Bill and I try not to speculate…but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. God will take care of this.

You have so much to think about somehow it WILL all work out. She has youth on her side and a determined spirit. It does seem to take a long time for recovery so you can never put limits on her or give up hope, right?
My thoughts are with you.

My thoughts and prayers are with Seyward.