April 21st appointment cancelled

I waited so damn long for this appointment..I had a feeling this was going to happen. When I spoke to the secretary this afternoon i know she could tell from my voice how annoyed and upset I was. She was able to squeeze me in for Tuesday April 26th....I was so close to having the only fit. At first she said how about May 5th? My response was there is no way I waiting another two weeks for results on a angiogram that was done on 4/1/11. Plus, I will be away on business on May 4th...ugh still have to wait..I was looking forward to talking about treatment plans :(

How annoying! Hang in there!!

Thanks Nicole…I’m trying:)

Hang in there!!! Waiting sucks, I know! Much Love!

I think the waiting is one of the worse things I have experienced during this journey. That and not having the answers for everyones elses questions. Good luck.