April 20, 2009

My daughter, Seyward, is sitting up in a regular chair and eating supper. She got a special brace for her leg today that helps her walk. Her right arm show a little movement as far as her fingers grasping (I’ve been waiting for that). She just had two visitors and could put together several sentences…Bill and I look for something new every day and we proclaim it by saying “there’s the little something for today!”. Today it was her walking by herself (minimal assistance) down the hall…thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers…this is a great site…OPRAH needs to do a special on her show about this instead of the stuff she’s had lately…we are watching way to much TV. That was one of those moments…she watches TV. When this happened she didn’t want to do that or have visitors.

that is amazing…to be walking with such minamal assistance already…so soon after the stroke and i am sure there will be something new to celebrate tomorrow…i am praying for a speedy and full recovery xxx

Great news that she is progressing so well so quickly. Please give my thanks to your daughter for her service to this country. As the wife of a former soldier I understand the sacrifice and know that sometimes there is never enough thanks!