April 18, 2008

Today we had a surprise vist from my mother, that was nice-she was so excited as she received family history paperwork from some long lost relative that she could’nt wait to show me.

I called Arizona today as it has been almost two weeks since I last spoke to Dr. Spetlzer’s office and Dr. MacDougall’s office. They will get back to me on Monday. We are planning to go out there late in May or somewhere around that date as it’s been ten years since the spinal resection and first embolization that worked (had several in Miami that did not work). I pray that I don’t need another spinal resection surgery as the last time I died on table, thank G-d they brought me back! When we do get to Arizona I have to get a angiogram surgery as it’s been about five years and they want to make sure that no aneurysms are growing. Also, doctor mentioned having more embolizations done. I just want to get out there and get it over with and have everything be alright. If they say I need another resection surgery I am just plain too scared to go through with that again.

Same here, JR. We’ll all pray for you. I’ve heard wonderful things about Dr. Spetzler.

Hi Liam- Hi Connie, Dr. Spetlzer is the best as is Dr. MacDougall! I thank you guys for your prayers as I do beleive prayers work. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers as well.