Appt for next MRI and follow up appt

Finally got a follow-up appt and MRI scheduled for 9/15/11. This will be the first time since discharged out of ICU that I will see the DR (discharged 7/20/11), and to see how much healing the brain has done. They found 3 different spots on the last MRI…2 in the right frontal lobe, and 1 on the brainstem, which is why they didn’t want to do surgery. I am still numb on my left side, but can tell it’s trying to resolve because my left side feels like it’s on fire. Crazy feeling. Still limping when I walk. Concentration is bad, vertigo, and vision blurry. So many unanswered questions…looking forward to this next MRI to get more answer, I pray.

We are praying with you!

Thank you so much, Barbara! :slight_smile: I hope you are doing well, my friend.

This must have been a lonnnnnggg 3 months for you :frowning: Know that much healing, lots of answers to your questions and many blessings are coming your way :)!!!


Michele, it has felt like a lifetime. :slight_smile: Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, and pray the same for you. I hope you have a great day!! :slight_smile:


My prayers are with you. I just came from surgery @ Stanford Medical Center. My surgeon was Dr. Gary Steinberg. He removed three malformation. I have Cerebral Cavernous Malformation. I have many malformation , but the ones that was acting up was two in my frontal lobe and 1 in my temboral lobe. These cause seizure (partial) and range of emotions and focus issue and sometimes speech and hearing…Very sensitive to auditory levels…I was operated on August 3oth and left the hospital 2 days later. My seizures have stopped and my clarity and focus and no more crying has healed…Each day is a blessing. I spent 4 years on anti-seizure meds that made my condition worse until I found Patti G video and Dr. Steinberg. Don’t give up or give in. Once you understand this disease for what it is and not you begin to heal. God Bless you and wishing you new beginnings.

God bless you too, Oleblue. I am so happy to hear all the wonderful recovery you have made, and such a successful journey this has been for you…it gives me a renewed hope. As the 15th gets closer, the more nervous I get about what the next MRI will show and what the DR will say about the symptoms. Thank you for the DR and hopsital info. I have already been gathering all the tests and med records to seek a second opinion if this group will not be as aggressive as I feel they need to be, based upon the symptoms I’m still experiencing. I am on this site day in and day out absorbing as much info as I can. :slight_smile: Thank you again for sharing your experience with me, and I am so thankful that you are doing so well! :slight_smile:

Crystal, The waiting feels like an ‘eternity,’ but I hope you soon have answers after this upcoming MRI!
Take care & please keep us updated as you are able to.

Thanks, Patti! I will definitely keep everyone informed. :slight_smile: Thanks again for being here for me. I pray you are doing well.

HI stranger:) I am living far away from all of you:) But remember everybody in my prayers. What I always say to my friends suffering from anything - WE CANNOT GIVE UP!!! That’s been my life strategy since time I knew I have AVM and aneurysm. We have to believe. Being honest I have not gone to church before AVM information and I came back…It helps me much. :slight_smile: SO rmember: DON’T GIVE UP. I keep my fingers crossed.

Hi Magsw! Thank you for such encouraging words. I need to hear it more than ever this week. I feel this week is dragging by, ever so slowly, and the more time I have…the more nervous I get, lol. I have not had the strength to make it back to church since I got out of the hospital. I pray that I can get back soon…I know it would help me so much. Afraid if I go, I will break down crying in church. I question so much of why all of this has happened, but I’m sure we all have had that question cross our minds at least once. I am determined. I read you have a 5 year old…I have a six year old daughter. My strength and determintion comes from wanting to see her grow up and do my best daily now to be “normal” so that she isn’t stressed by what’s going on with me. So many emotions and so little words. :slight_smile: I read your profile…keep your faith up too. We’re all here for each other. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers…you are in mine too. :slight_smile: {{{{Hugs}}}}