Appointment With the Headache Specialist

So on Tuesday 3rd March I will have my appointment with the Neurologist that specialises in headaches. Any Advice on what he will be asking of telling me to do ?, I'm based in the UK and I'm not sure if they have these clinics and specialist all over, But your comments are very much welcomed. Thanks in advance all.

Hi again guys, The specialist said that my headaches are more like Migraines from my symptoms and he's put me on meds to try to prevent them and also wants me to stop the codeine based pain killers in a few weeks staged. so fingers crossed :) , I've been taking the new meds for 2 weeks or so and it takes about 2 > 4 weeks for them to have the affect they are designed for. I'll keep posting in here on my progress and hope to be headache free for even a few days a week would be good :) .

just to add to this the meds I was given (Migraine preventatives) worked for the most part either that or I'm just so used to the headaches !, My headaches have never went away fully but the severity of them is decreased and I'm better understanding the triggers and causes, This helps me be better prepared for any. Stress/Noise/Heat all factor in and I just try stay as relaxed as possible all the time. Hope this helps someone.