Appointment with Neurosurgeon

I'm having some vertigo and I was told by my PCP to take Bonine to alleviate the problem while I'm waiting to see a neurosurgeon. Has anyone had any adverse effects from that OTC medication?

I'm not familiar w/ this med, so don't know the side effects.
Depending on the location & activity of your AVM, the dizziness could well be AVM-related.
Best wishes on your upcoming appt.

The bonine will only work if your vertigo is coming from problems in the inner ear. Fluid build up is the most common problem that could occur. If your vertigo is coming from a problem in the brain. There is nothing they can do for it and no meds will work. There is a specific test they can do to determine where the cause is. I know, I've had trouble with vertigo now for 4 years or more. I forget the name of the test but, I had it done a few years ago and it was found mine is coming from the brain.

The effects of OTC:/ I didn't have any when I tried it.

If your problem is coming from the ear (I pray it is for your sake), it can be treated. That's the good news.. :)


Thanks for the info, Ben . . . it's appreciated!