Appointment with my surgeon

Hello everyone,
hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the weekend! I had an appt with my neurosurgeon this week and he was amazed with my recovery. He said he never had a patient like me who recovered as much. He gave me permission to go to England in about two weeks; i am so excited to see my family and friends who live over there. The appt made me feel a lot better and happy to be alive; he didn’t expect I would ever come out of a coma. Hope my appt helps family and other people who are going through what i have; don’t let anyone make you lose hope; there are miracles. He said he doesn’t expect my AVM to grow back; a very small chance!

  • Aislinn

Oh Aislinn!!! That is such great and encouraging news! You must feel so proud and strong after hearing that. Yes of course your story will inspire others. That is what this is all about. Have a wonderful time in England

such great news…its thoose special personal qualities that get you there in the end the strength, determination, courage, you should be so proud of yourself all that hard work has finally paid off…enjoy your holiday your family will be thrilled to see you xxx

What wonderful news! I am so happy for you, Aislinn! Have a safe and wonderful trip. Please remember to get enough rest and not overdo things, Okay, Mama Connie is finished now! lol