Appointment update

Just got home from my appointment with the Radio-Oncologists.
They told me my AVM is a bout 4 cm large and they give my a 60 - 70 % Chance for a total obliteration in the next years. They told me in my case the profit from Radiosurgery is higher than the risks. Tomorrow I have my appointment with the Neuro-Radiologists. They will tell me my chances from embolisations. Looking forward to this and then I have decide what to do. Will keep u informed.

I did gamma knife. It worked for me. Just prepared for a brutal period of wait-and-see. We’re here for you.

Hey Manux, I have also been suggeted for gamma knife…I dont have the detailed report yet after my angio but it seems its too dangerous to embolise it so they have suggested for GK…kep us informed and good luck with your appont tomorrow.