Appointment today

So Zack and I went to see neurosurgeon Dr Voss today, he was very respectful and explained my avm to me a bit more. He says it is inoperable and any treatment Would do more harm than good. He suggests stay seeing the neurologist I have been and getting a good psychiatrist. Got an appointment with one in the morning and with neurologist July 12. Zack does not want to get another opinion as of now, we are going to try this approach and see how it goes. If no improvement in six months I can send scans to spetzler but Zack is freaked about Dr saying any intervention would be more harm than good so I’m going to take a Xanax and take a bath. Thank you for all your prayers, I guess we will see how it goes tomorrow. Hope u all have a good night :slight_smile:

Mamagin, so many here were initially told their avms were inoperable. You have to get to the very best and get their opinions. Opinions take time, so I would not recommend waiting six months to send the scans to Spetzler. Remember, getting an opinion does not mean you have to go ahead with surgery. Take a few days, and see how you both feel then. I'm sorry you didn't get better news today.

Thank you Dancermom, we are still discussing the pros and cons of further opinions on what treatment. Zack has been so supportive and understanding that I feel I owe it to him to take his feelings into account, its not just me going through this but him too. And I feel it would be selfish if I just kept on the track in my mind, removal! Lol. So I’m actually a little okay with giving it a few weeks or months. He is on board with sending scans and all to spetzler, but only if I continue to worsen. We are both hoping some of these issues resolve with the avenues above. I would much rather keep us a team right now, he is the best hubby, I am blessed :slight_smile:

Of course, I understand, mamagin, and his feelings are perfectly understandable. I am glad you have each other.