Appetite changes after AVM rupture?

It has been over 9 months since my severe brain bleed and my appetite is still not quite back to the way it was. It started in ICU where I refused to eat for 24 days. Now, I no longer want any of my favorite foods. For example, I used to be a big breakfast gal, but I haven’t been able to eat an egg since. In fact, the smell of an egg or breakfast sausage cooking is enough to turn my stomach… On the other hand, I now have a sweet tooth when I never have before! A bag of cookies could have sat on the counter for weeks and I never would have even looked at them! Not the case now. Has anyone experienced this after their AVM rupture? And if so, does it ever return to how it was before, or will I never have an egg again? Lol

Hello Jeannine
I did not have an avm rupture but pre avm I had a massive stroke that blew out my left transverse vein.
I did loose my appetite but I wanted sweet stuff like jam and grapes, fruit popsicles, ice cream stuff like that.
I was never a huge breakfast person but I do love eggs.
My pain dr told me eating protein helps with pain
another thing that happened is that chardonnay often tastes like soap to me and I used to love it now I prefer a beer.
Now I have read that our brain needs fat to heal so maybe that is why you are craving sweets. I also take coconut oil everyday which has really helped my brain heal. My last scans now dont even show any evidence of my massive stroke which they told me my thalamic was dead but its revived now.

Maybe try eggs poached?
Were you eating eggs when your avm rupture? If so this could be your brain associating eggs with the event.


That is definitely all interesting and informative info! I’m learning so much from this site I wish I found it sooner… I was eating eggs before the rupture but I don’t think the day of… I don’t think I could do it poached, even in rehab for occupational therapy they had me make a scrambled egg and I almost threw up… Not fun and very strange. I’ll have to keep protein in mind for pain since I’m still suffering from migraines and bad headaches daily, just got Botox for the first time 3 weeks ago and doing acupuncture next week for the first time, I’m desperate at this point.

Since I had my stroke almost 5 years ago my weight has ballooned almost 50 pounds. I am not happy.

After my avm bleed/surgery my appetite crashed. Couldn’t stand to taste or smell roast meat, broccoli and whole raft of stuff I liked before. Lived off of chicken noodle soup for months. Slowly my appetite has returned (1 year) but I still get strange smells that I can taste (perfume, cigarette smoke, cleaning chemicals) when there is none around. I can live with this.

When I was first released from the hospital after my stroke, everything tasted like pastrami, kind of, salty and pickled, is the best way to describe it. The only thing I could eat were oranges and ice cream sandwiches. Only things that didn’t taste off. Took almost 3 months before things tasted normally.

For me it has been fifteen years this month. At first
my appetite was very much changed, and I did not
like sweets, like pie, or cake, or especially
candy, anything with much sugar. In time I
recovered from those feelings, except I still
do not like candy, or anything with too much
icing. My weight was way down as I returned
from the hospital, but it recovered and I
weigh now only a slight bit more than
I used to before my disaster. Best wishes to all of you!

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It could have to do with where the bleed occurred and what medications you are/were on. For example some anti-seizure medications suppress appetite. If you were on them and are no longer are on them then that could explain why you are eating again.

Also, did you eat eggs at or around the time of the hemorrhage? If so, your brain, more specifically psychological thinking, may associate that food with something very negative.

Omg it’s me too!! I just started keppra n it’s done wonders ?? I have no appetite n feel like vomiting when I see food . I never ever eat biscuits but have started to eat that … no good . Also have sweet tooth , don’t eat cakes but now look for them . I have list weight too n I like that :grinning: