How was it in your words, until it got better?

For me - My problem with it is minor. It comes and goes depending on how I'm feeling. I can tell that if I feel a lot of pressure and inflammation in my head and brain fog. Then I'm going to have a bad, bad day. My words don't come out right. I can't remember what my next word was going to be in a sentence, my speech often gets slurred and I stumble with my words. You know how it is. As I said, it all depends on how I feel in my head that day.

I've been like this for 3 years now. It started 2 1/2 years after I had GK. I should tell you though - I still have two small AVMs left. As long as I rest when I feel I need to, I'm usually pretty good.


I experience aphasia and dysphasia during seizures. Dysphasia can occur anytime but not as much over the past few years. I also stutter once in a while too, that more often. Also reach for words once in a while.

I too had the GK two and a half years ago. For over a year now I have problems speaking. My words come out garbled, or the wrong word for what I am trying to say. I have just about quit talking to anyone because of it. I never associated it with the GK or the AV Fistula.

My wife tells me I am getting senile. (I am 81) I am glad you posted your post about your verbal problems. Now I can show my wife your post and how I'm not senile or have Alzheimer's.

My doctor called me the other day, and said he saw something on my last MRI that he want's to talk to me about. Doesn't sound too good.

I hope your AVM journey is successful. Good luck!!!

Dewdo from the other Washington