Aphasia improvement after embos or gamma knife

I have experiencing mild aphasia specifically word finding difficulties and naming objects the wrong names. Has anyone experienced improvements after treatment of embolization, gamma knife, or craniotomy?

Hi Cerebral. There is a sub-group which might interest you…
Perhaps some of the members there may have some answers for you.

Thank you Barbara I’ll look into it.

Thanks for telling him about us, Barb. While I still have aphasia, it is much better than when I first had my craniotomy. I went to a Speach/Language Therapist for about 1 1/2 after my cran...It certainly helped but I have to work on it every day. Stay Strong!

Thank u for your reply. I hope that it improves after mt embos or gk because I’m goin to graduate school for OT and don’t want it to effect me in my professional career.