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Anyone’s Spinal AVM/Fistula reform?


I had an angiogram Friday. This was 6 months post laminoplasy surgery to remove DAVF in my spinal cord between thoracic and lumbar region. The angiogram was to be a follow up to ensure everything was still fine. Well it showed that the artery that was feeding the fistula in my spinal cord has now formed a second fistula outside of my spinal cord along the cord. After the IR doctor consulted with my neorosurgeon, they are recommending embolization. I have made good progress post surgery and don’t want to slip backwards. Has anyone had their AVM/DAVF reform? If yes what did you do?




I don’t know about spinal AVMs at all but my reading of AVMs in general is that if you don’t get the little rotter 100% then whatever trickle shortcut it has can become a brook, then a stream, then a river again. So I think it’s entirely possible to have some recurrence.

You posted this a while ago. How are you doing?



Hi Dick

I am good overall thanks. Still waiting/hoping for more nerve repair. I am walking without aids and can walk long distances but foot pain and stamina are issues.

I have an MRI in a few weeks and will probably have another diagnostic angiogram in the next few months. Keeping fingers crossed.



Jolly good. Ill keep everything crossed with you. Best wishes,