Anyone out there with a groin AVM?

Hey, i have recently been diagnosed with a right inguinal canal AVM. the radiologist, gp, and surgeon i have since seen have never seen this before. I am also 25 weeks pregnant. The surgeon did say that they would usually operate but that would have to wait at least 6 months after having the baby due to all the increased blood flow from the pregnancy. Noone so far can tell me what this means for my pregnancy though… any help out there??? i am going to see the OB today but i very much doubt they will have seen it. hard too as i live in a small town…

Hi Alicia. There are 2 sub-groups here you may wish to join…

Wow! This is a new twist. Don’t you wish you were reading about someone else??? Sorry, but that isn’t what happens here. Every story is personal. Every story is serious. We are all here to help, and I see some have already. Being of the male persuasion I can’t offer much help about the pregnancy stuff. I suspect this will make the emotional side of pregnancy all the more challenging, so don’t hesitate to ask for help, answers, or referrals. Don’t stop “doctor shopping” until you find one who has handled LOTS of AVMs. You wouldn’t want to be the first baby your OB/Gyn cared for, so treat yourself the same way. ASK, ASK, ASK! If you aren’t given good answers (I don’t mean good news, just good answers) move on to the next doctor. He or she should be knowledgeable, experienced, capable, compassionate, and not afraid to tell you when your situation is beyond his skill level.

You are going to have a very special baby, and as a result, will be a very special mom. Keep in touch with your OZ/NZ group (Two of my very favorite places in the world!) and you should slide through this challenge with stunning success.


Hi, it’s been awhile since you posted this, I have just discovered this group, So happy I have people to talk to about my AVM. Mine is in my right groin, attached to the femoral artery, my surgeons also said they have not seen this before. Have you had treatment yet? How are you now?