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Anyone not got treatment after small bleed?


I had a small bleed an was told there is a chance it can heal on its own…or get surgery tto be safe…has anyone not get treatment after small bleed…I’m 39 and bleed was near optical area


My son was told the same thing, and four days later was rushed to hospital, based on my experience do not wait, they’ll tell you there is only 4% that won’t get worst, get it treated ASAP.

Good luck and hope everything works out well.



It depends. However, these things are not to be chanced, so as a minimum, you need to understand why the doctor is saying his/her recommendation is to leave alone. Sometimes the risks associated with intervention are too high – but you need to know that that is the reason. Or, get a second opinion. I would say our experience on this forum is that second opinions often vary in this less well known medical condition, so are worth soliciting.


Agree with Richard. I have not treated my AVM as advised that any treatment is risky for me and don’t want to damage my quality of life. But its important to hear this if it applies to you. Apart from anything else, otherwise you’ll always be wondering 'what if?)

Lulu x


I had a bleed in October 2015 and was referred to a neurosurgeon. He said “I think it’s just a small bleed” and pushed me to the bottom of the pile. An angio said it was a significant bleed in the right dural area above my ear. Saw another neurosurgeon in January 2016 and he performed an embolization immediately as I was near death. He said I wouldn’t have made it another 48 hours. Who’s right? I took the opinion of the most experienced neurosurgeon and I was lucky.


There were indications on my films of calcification, indications of bleeds. I wasn’t aware bleeds had occurred. As was said, don’t take chances with things like that, they have a tendency to go sideways very quickly.


Hi it’s 40 years next year since my bleed and treatment wasn’t an option for me so I can only tell you my experience. After my bleed I went home and was under regular follow up as I had epilepsy. I lived a more or less normal life apart from avoiding putting up my blood pressure. I had 2 children by c section then after 20 years finally had my avm treated by gamma knife when this was offered to me. Never knew there was any treatment available to me for most of those years. So you can live a more or less normal life with an AVM after a bleed but it’s your choice.


I can only speak on my experience I was told the same by a hospital and from my research it is extreamly rare for a AVM to heal itself. I went for a second opinion to a very well know surgeon and he gave me his honest opinion which was “I have done this job for over 25 years, and never seen an AVM disappear” He advised me due to a rupture I should remove it with surgery since it was easy and superficial and the gold standard to cure AVM. I will keep you in my thoughts and do not be afraid of getting more professional advise from doctors known to work with AVM patients! I wish you nothing but the best!!!