Anyone living in Toronto?

Hi! I m going to Toronto in April and I would love to meet with members of this group :slight_smile:
I live in Portugal and never met anyone with an avm and it would have been so much harder this journey without this group…If I could meet any of you during this trip I would be very happy!

Hi Rita,

I live in Toronto and I wouldn’t mind meeting up with you or with a group from this site. How long will you be staying?

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Hey Rita,

I live in Toronto! I’ve met one other person with AVM, and it was not similar to mine at all, haha.

I love your idea; it would be fun to get a group together to do something.

Hello Rita,

I would love to do a meetup. I think it’s important to share our stories and support one another. Although I’m a part of this website and live in Toronto, I too have never met anyone in person whose had an AVM. Count me in!

This is great, I hope it works out! It will be so neat to speak to each other in person. Take Care, John.

So nice to read all your answers :slight_smile: The trip is booked from 14 to 24 of April (my birthday is at 17) and I dont know if you guys remember from my posts the original trip was to Perú last June but my neurosurgeon didnt “let me” and I just switched the trip to the only place that was possible…Toronto.
At the time the whole situation stressed me so much that I didnt wanted to think anymore about it…but the truth is that I didnt found any friend willing to go with me and they say its cold in April :confused:
I love to visit big cities and after visiting New York and San Francisco I knew I wanted to visit Canadá…but being my first solo trip makes me insecure…I need your advise…
As avmers and Toronto habitants what do you think? Is Toronto safe, I will make friends and the weather wont be that bad?

I would say overall Toronto is a safe city but like any big metropolis there comes the bad with the good. Mid to end of April is our spring season so I would say generally it isn’t the warmest weather but you won’t freeze either. I would say it generally ranges from 10-15 degrees? Our weather is quite similar to NYC’s weather as we are next-door neighbours. We have a large Portuguese culture here with even a little Portugal area where you can visit many restaurants and bars making delicious food! Fyi, My fiance is Portuguese so I know we have some amazing spots around the city :grin:


I live in Toronto and I have my occiptical AVM resected in 2014. I’d be happy to answer to your questions.