Anyone have this problem?

I had right-parietal AVM 2 years ago. So I had left side weakness. My leg and feet are working fine like how it used to but just my arm and hands.

So nearly 2 years trying to regain my arm and hand also the fingers muscle strength, I always have this weird headaches while exercising. I also feel so nauseous whenever I try moving my fingers or gripping my rubber ball.

I just wanna know if its normal, or if anyone ever had these issues before. But even I have this little issues I keep on exercising and practicing to try and move my fingers.

my 8 yr old daughter had her AVM surgically removed when she was a baby, and I've never asked her if she has a nauseous feeling or headache while exercising. She's never complained of that specifically, although it's very difficult to get her to even stretch for more than 10 seconds, or do exercises on a regular basis. I just think it's hard for her so she prefers not to do them, but that doesn't stop us from encouraging her and helping her through it :)

This is something I read:
"The parietal lobes can be divided into two functional regions. One involves sensation and perception and the other is concerned with integrating sensory input, primarily with the visual system. The first function integrates sensory information to form a single perception (cognition). The second function constructs a spatial coordinate system to represent the world around us. Individuals with damage to the parietal lobes often show striking deficits, such as abnormalities in body image and spatial relations (Kandel, Schwartz & Jessel, 1991)."

It seems as if the movements are causing you to feel some vertigo. I wonder if it is the motion itself, or if closing your eyes so you don't see the motion would help. I am glad you are determined to keep up with your exercises, and I hope you have a full recovery of function and strength, soon.

My AVM was in the left occipital/parietal lobes, and when I would sometimes have trouble figuring out how/where my right hand was attached to my body and moving in space.

I don’t know if my husband has the effects - as he can’t speak - but I do know that he wasn’t supposed to wake up from coma or move anything - and 16 months later he is moving the left leg and arm, opens and closes both hands, etc. Lots of prayer, and hard work. Keep up the work and don’t give up. I have a friend who was told she’d never move her hand again, but her dog kept putting the ball in that hand encouraging her to throw with it - and today she has full use! I would say you should ask your dr about any headache and nauseousness.

Hi my avm was two years ago too well two and a half and even though my strength is almost back to’s not the same as it was.i have to concentrate everything i do for example. Swinging. My arm when i walk so i fit in pulse my feeling in that never came back all the.way i guess what I’m trying to say is your not alone

My AVM is in my right parietal lobe, centimeters (if that) from the motor strip.

I should have full left hemiparesis of the right side.

Instead, I learned to use it again but with an awful nerve/thalamic pain disorder.

I can honestly tell you that there are times when just putting my left foot to the floor causes SO much pain that I feel as though I’ll vomit. THE headache comes too, every morning just getting up from bed. :frowning:

I can also tell you that looking at something with extreme focus (reading) turning my head too fast (backing the car up) or having to tip my chin up (hugging someone taller) all cause the same feeling.

Some give me headaches but usually only the painful things like walking first thing in the morning. Which is actually more like a limp/hobble.

I’ve found that with the focus issues or turning and tipping my head that closing my eyes helps. Sometimes I shake my head too. It’s as if it helps everything “realign”, I guess.

The pain and headache I breathe away. Almost like la-mas. LOL.

If that doesn’t work I use medicine.

Hope this helps.

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Melissa Blue Musson

aw i'm sorry about your daughter I hope she's doing fine now. Do continue encouraging her!

is that so? maybe it is? Same goes to you aight? :)

My doctor are like so 'far' from me now though. Maybe I should..

Glad to know that I'm not alone about this. Will pray for your recovery though! Work hard alright?

Maybe that's the issue here I

I recently had a left parietal AVM removed through embolizations and craniotomy. Hang in there! Deficits like loss in arm strength are possible from such a resection. I have weakness on my right side. On a positive note, three weeks ago, immediately following this surgery, I couldn’t talk. I am slowly getting things back each day and my speech and cognition are at a significantly higher level. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to what you are feeling. Remember that it’s brain surgery and to be kind to yourself. I wouldn’t think that symptoms like this are uncommon, but the neurologist could verify this. Don’t stop working because that’s the only way things come back.