Anyone have their body reject their bone flap after cranioplasty?

My son had half his skull removed when his AVM ruptured Feb 2019. In April 2019 they performed the cranioplasty. Since then the bone has been “melting”. We are scheduled to go back and replace the bone flap with titanium plate. Has anyone had this happen? Did you experience any symptoms as the bone atrophied? My son’s appetite has disappeared in last couple of weeks which was a sign (we didn’t know then) of the AVM. The surgeon embolized the AVM and he had an angiogram recently and the AVM was contained. Worried it is regenerating or the atrophy is hurting his brain. I welcome any input!

Hi @Lardi! It’s great to welcome you to AVM survivors!

Issues with bone flaps I haven’t read very often but I did find this very old conversation and it doesn’t seem uncommon, therefore. A titanium plate sounds ok. Click on Bone Flap Issues

I hope this helps and i hope some of current members might be able to offer some experience, too.

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I had a titanium plate added and my cause was because I ended up having 4 surgeries. My stories a long one but the reason why they added the plate was because my AVM ruptured and there were multiple blood clots from the bleed. After the 4th surgery they decided to remove a section of my skull because it would make more since to have the plate added instead of having 4 holes in my head. Never have had any complaints or pain. Head felt numb for a year.