Anyone have their "ability to continue active employment..." questioned?

So, I got a letter in the mail today from my employer stating they received my Family Medical Leave form. ( gave it to them 2 weeks ago) They stated that they have some unanswered questions. 1) What is the actual date of surgery? 2) What is your overall fitness to work in a school? 3) Are there any recommended accommodations for employment that might be needed? It also stated that a letter is required from my doctor by 11/14 or I have to "meet to discuss your ability to continue active employment in this district." Not a happy girl here. I missed 1.5 days last year. I have had 2 surgeries and one procedure on my left kidney beginning 2 days before school started. I missed 7 days, not consecutively, until I had a seizure 3 days after the last kidney surgery. I missed the 2 days following my seizure, until the neurologist could clear me to drive. A follow up MRI and EEG showed that I have an AVM, left side, grade IV, over my motor and secondary motor cortex. I have been out 3 more days- 2 to consult different neurosurgeons and one to have a battery of cardiac testing done before they could schedule the angiogram. I still don't have angiogram date for next week. I am so tired of waiting and not knowing what is next. thanks for letting me vent. I will be giving a copy of the district letter to the union and we'll see what happens next. Have a great weekend and I hope everyone is doing well. ~Elizabeth

I teach in Texas, which doesn't have teacher's unions. (We do have teacher's associations.)

I didn't apply for Family Medical Leave duirng my initial diagnosis. I used my local & state sick leave/personal business days. In fact, administrators at my school were very supportive--even when I was having to schedule my angiogram during one of the state testing days. For me, everything started in April of that year--3 days in a row missed due to migraines (including an e.r. visit); a day to visit my family doctor & to get a CT; another day for an MRI; a day to visit the neurosurgeon; a day for the angiogram (would have been 2, but was rescheduled from a Thursday to a Friday); and another 1/2 day to see the neurosurgeon again.

Through all of this, they never asked to see a note from any of my doctors.

Luckily, though, I was able to have my first Gamma Knife radiation treatment afer school was out for summer. Then, I had a craniotomy to clip 2 aneurysms over the summer, but was able to return to school at the same time as everyone else.

I then took the last 3 days off before Christmas break for another GK.

I think it helps that I'm in a small town. And that I was making sure to have lessons ready for subs; getting my grades done, and getting all of my paperwork (including writing & updating IEPs) completed.

My school has been very supportive of several of us who have been dealing with major medical issues. In the past couple of years, we've had at least 7 staff members fighting cancer & at least one staff member with a spouse with cancer. I'm in the English & SpEd departments & 5 of them are from those 2 departments.

I hope you are able to get everything worked out with minimal hassle.

Thanks Ms. Collins for the reply. I taught in San Antonio for 19 years before we moved here.I teach special education at 2 schools covering K-1st at one and 5th, 7th and 8th grade at the other. I am using my accrued sick and personal leave days. I still have 18.5 days left. They don't want me to miss any days because they don't hire subs for us and can't bill for services. The teachers are very supportive at both schools and I just love them. Thanks and enjoy weekend.

Definitively get the Union involved in this situation. It sounds to me like discrimination…you have not lost your cognitive thinking capabilities. Best of luck and please keep us posted!

Hi, just a quick update. I did go to the union and they have contacted an attorney. He will look things over and let us know what to do next. It takes the stress off of me so that's great! Administration may have been warned about behavior that may get them i to trouble since inappropriate comments have been made, "...maybe you should come to school more often." Yes, an email apology followed the next day, " was meant to be light hearted but I see that was not how it was received." Still MY fault, LOL! It's all good as the lawyer can take care of this. Have a wonderful evening. ~Elizabeth