Anyone have an aneurysm clipped?

I had a gamma knife treatment a couple of weeks ago to start shrinking my cerebral AVM. However, I also have an aneurysm that my neurosurgeon is concerned about, and I will be having surgery next week to have the aneurysm clipped. He’ll be going in behind/above my right ear.

Anyone had this done? And what can I really expect as far as recovery? I know that I’ll most likely spend two nights in the hospital. He did want me to do this at least 4 weeks before school starts again (Teacher work days start back up on August 15).

I’m signed up for two days of summer professional development the week following the surgery. A friend is also scheduled, so I can have her drive if needed.

My mom will be staying with me for a few days (and will extend her time here if needed) and my husband works from home, so I will have support once I’m released from the hospital.

I’m just interested in hearing first hand experience as to how painful (or not) & what recovery is like.

Chari had an aneurysm clipped about 1996. It was discovered during an angiogram following embolization. They went in the left front behind her hairline. The Dr told her she might have double vision temporarily–she did, for about 45 days! He said just being in the neighborhood of the optic nerve can cause temporary issues. Then it went away.

Surgery was one day. 2 days in ICU, then a coupla days in a regular room. Not much pain, other than the staples itching. It made her extremely tired (probably the residual anesthesia).

In my opinion, NO WAY on taking the professional development the week after surgery. You’ll be too tired and weak, and chances of picking up some germs in your weakened state is not worth it!

REST, REST, REST, REST following surgery. Plan a long nap DAILY for at least a month. Chari started feeling better, then pushed herself (she’s a teacher also), then WHAM–she hit the wall and was down for several days. Not worth pushing it.

We hired people to clean the house, and had relatives help watch the kids. To your brain, it will be like enduring a train wreck. Not much outward pain probably, but it will take some time for all the bugs to work themselves out.

Best wishes,

Ron, KS