Anyone had treatment in Portugal?

Hi everyone!

quick story about me - I have an AVM in my left arm and it was diagnosed after many years of trying multiple GPs. Since then I have had 15 Sclerotherapy procedures, my last one was in London 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the pain is back and I have moved to Lisbon, I am looking for Doctor recommendations in Portugal - hopefully someone can point me in the right direction (I’ve tried google).


@irisb @RitaF are you ladies in Portugal? I’m sure we have others, too.

@DickD thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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I think the ladies have brain AVMs. You may find better support from the @Extremity team.

I am sure we have extremity members in Europe but less sure we have any in the Iberian peninsula. You’re slightly rare among rare :grimacing: