Anyone had to have a stent?

Hi all, just wondering has anyone on here had to have a stent?
My doctor told me that is my next step to have a stent put in to open the vessel to allow blood flow to the left side of my brain again.

No stent - just a vena cava clot catcher in my heart.

Hi Zoe - I was just informed today that my ER team had to put in a few shunts to relieve some of the "hot air" in my head...I was unconscious at the time, but I have hot air and air-head tendencies.

My son has 15 ounces of platinum stents in his head. They used them and glue to fix his AVM.

I have a stent in my head. They confirmed coils to the stent because when they used coils only, it was taken by the bloodflow. They even tried to put a balloon in my AVM. Did your doctor have experiences with placing a stent in the head? Good luck!

Thanks everyone for the replies its good to know i'm not the only one. Melissa can i ask how did they do the procedure of placing the stent in? My doctor tried to tell me when they do the angiogram to fix the fistula that they would insert the stent at the same time. I'm bit confused by how thats possible really?

Heey Zoe, you can ask what you want about the procedure. I didn't fully understand it at first, but I asked my doctor if I could SEE it. So before I was layed to sleep he showed me the stent. The stent can unfold a little > like an umbrella) and it had a string in the middle. He had two catheters and shoved the little catheter into the larger one (wich is in your body during the procedure). Then they bring the the stent into the the AVM trough the catheter, and they can unfold it a little till it sticks into the walls of the avm.

But don't worry. I think you confuse Angio with embolization. During embolization you'll be in sleep because you must lie very still.. you won't notice anything.

Do you understand it a little bit? You should google the word stent and look at the pictures.

I also read your profile-information, May I ask you: when did the problems with your short-term memory start?

Greetings Melissa!

okay so i googled it and now i have bit more of an understanding. Thats good that i will be asleep during the procedure. My short term memory started when i started to get daily headaches which was probably about OCtober 2011 i don't understand why so long after surgery i am only now getting headaches daily and terrible memory but thats just how it is for me.

I am glad that it helped a little bit. You should ask your doctor when your not sure about things, or when you want to know something. It is your head! ;) It's strange that your problems began so long after the procedure. I had an embolization in the beginning of August.. and I started to notice problems with my memory a couple of months later. I think October/november.. I din't knew if I took my meds etc.

I am sorry for you that you that you feel bad after having surgery, maybe embolization is the answer for your problems.
I am going to add you as a friend if that's ok.

Good luck!