Anyone had there AVM in the brain when they were young like 4

Hi everyone,

when i was 4 i had a avm in my brain and have surgery in the frontal lobe of my brain. Now i am 25 and have delth with alot of depesssion antiexty and soical problems. I believe it is childhood trauma. I just feel like i am not like everyone else my age. I still feel like i am a child and i havent lived my childhood out because i was so sick. Please someone tell me what this problem is.

thank you


Hi, i had my AVM at 17, another 18. Lost the power od speech at 18. Not q child, but certainly wasnt a mature adult at the time of 17 lol

aww i am sorry are you still dealing with like social problems and stuff like that or anything else that is not normal lol

To be honest, I cant say it really bothered me, socially. Ive always been happy to be on my own, never really enjoyed social engajements with load sof people, etc. So myself, the worst for me and stil is, that it takes me ages to read books, but i do manage lol

As for your problem, i dont think anyway could solve your issues here. You need a professional psychiatric. In the UK, if u ever have a stroke, u get that for free.

Heya Leandra,

An AVM is a huge thing to have to deal with at four. While, I'm no doctor (and I can't begin to say what the problem is), your perspective is everything. Perhaps this will help. You are different. And that's a good thing. Whether you had the AVM or not. You just got the opportunity at an early age to overcome adversity. Yes, life in itself is a struggle (and AVMs are horrible things), but as kids (even very young kids) we are wired for that. You had the opportunity to learn and grow from facing (and surviving) a challenge. It makes the rest of your life that much easier. Again, perspective. But if you ever need help with anything (even just to vent once in awhile), we are here for you. :J

thank you rich and suzy z that helps alot