Anyone had a problem with their driving licence after a bleed/auras

my 17 year old daughter has just been refused a driving licence because she has very very mild auras, interested if anyone else has had this! She had a bleed in her brain 2 years ago.

I’m an epileptic and depending on the state to state you can be refused. (Privilege vs. Right) I’ve lost my driving privileges for a year because of seizure activity. Now my hubby is the one with the avm. He also is a truck driver. If her auras abate either with sleep or meds or age, she will have to always be vigilant. People with neurological problems to outsiders look like drunk drivers. Check your stats’ s medical review board to see what is necessary with your DoT.

Thank you for your reply and good luck

It depends on where you live, some states require doctors to report seizure/neuro activity some do not. I had drop seizures and was unable to drive for one year and during that year had to remain seizure free. Irregardless of your states laws ,please do not allow driving if your daughters driving is unsafe, she could injure/kill herself/others, if during her auras she 'spaces' out driving is unsafe.

Thanks Goula, it is a difficult one as she doesn't even "space out" she just gets an uprising feeling in her stomach other than that she is fine, but I guess they want to make sure nothing else develops from this.

Hi! If you have already had a licence and it is revoked it can be very difficult getting it back. Doctors letters can back it up. They also are hesitant to do so as they don’t want the responsibility. The fact that she has an aura, boosts her case, as she has a warning. I had many bleeds in the brain from an AVM and drove for years, until my recent craniotomy. I always had a warning of an oncoming bleed. Good luck and always be safe concerning this. I now can’t drive and wouldn’t even consider it. My new normal and losing the prviledge is so hard to adjust to. Best to all of you.

So sorry to read you had many bleeds susan! She has only just turned 17 and has applied for her licence to start learning. All the best to you too

If she isn't having any seizures and the Auras are that similar to beginning of a migraine few weird ziz zags in vison field etc couldn't see why not get a licence many get those regardless of avm or not.

Hope all doing ok

Before gamma knife, I was having ‘drop seizures’ they were preceded by an aura which was a vague nausea and an all over ‘yucky’ feeling , however I often had this feeling and would not have a seizure. The danger of this is that I became accustomed to the feeling and would ignore it in order to get on with my life.Of course I ignored it and had a wreck fortunately no one was hurt,please reinforce to your daughter that if she is allowed to drive to never ever ever ignore the aura and to pull over and stop car if she has episode while driving.

Yes it depends on what state u live in. My wife had a bleed on the 3rd or April 2013 and unless we don't know about it to this day, hers have never been suspended or taken away. We have not even received a letter stating where the Dr's have turned anything in, so I guess it also varys on the Drs too. Note she has not driven or wanted to drive since she had her bleed and her surgery, she still is on a high dose of keppra for seizures, and is still having seizure like activity according to her Neurologists. Best of luck to you! Mike