Anyone had a ateriovenous malformation that had reoccured with pregnancy?

I currently pregnant with my first child and since I have been pregnant, due to the extra blood flowing in me my ateriovenous malformation has risen its ugly head again.
I had embolization with amplatzer occluders in 2011. My ateriovenous malformation is in my chest wall. They were concerned about me giving birth.. but hopefully all we be OK...

They have offered me another procedure whilst pregnant but I have declined due to the high levels of radiation used in it.

Any other ladies had any similar experiences?

Hi, Sarah, how exciting that you are having a child! I'm sorry your avm recurred during pregnancy. I can't remember specific names, but I know other members have experienced recurrence or worsening of their avms during pregnancy. AVMs have progesterone receptors and respond to hormonal activity. We also have many members who discovered their avms for the first time during pregnancy, because their pregnancies triggered avm growth. I hope your due date is soon, and that you can get treated promptly after the birth of your child.

I would appreciate it if you posted a discussion on the Pregnancy group, too, so that women who check the group can learn from your experience:

All the best to you!

I had AVM in index finger when pregnant at 29 with my daughter it grew into my thumb. It's not extra blood flow you are pregnant with a girl and the estrogen is causing the new growth. When I was pregnant with my son at 27 nothing happened. Please tell me if it's a girl I would like to prove my theory. I am 56 now and having all kinds of trouble. Good luck prayers coming your way. Tweet

Prayers woops Tweet