Anyone Get "tingly, sleepy skin feeling"

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed over the past week or so that I have lost some feeling on the right side in my feet and legs. If I poke my toes with my nails, I feel something, but it isn’t pain. On the left side, from my thighs down to my toes, it feels as if my leg is asleep; kind of a creepy crawly feeling. On Thursday, two of the toes on my right foot cramped and I couldn’t straighten them out. It wasn’t painful…just weird. I’m wondering if I should blame it on my never-ending hormone drama or the AVM.

Let me know if you too have had similar symptoms.


yep I so get the tingling its like bad pins and needles and it sort of feels dead well like a heavy leg etc, worse when Im reallly tired, who knows i think its the avm but heh hormones are crazy to LOL

Hi Vicki,

My right side is numb, but it is from the stroke they gave me during an embolization.

I am 50 and my hormones are wacky too, prior to knowing that I had an avm when I was 49,
I blamed all of my issues on my wacky hormones, little did I know I had an avm.

I think that hormones play some role with an avm that is not recognized.
A week prior to having my bleed on 12-12-08 which led to my first stroke, I had the worst cramps that one could imagine. The cramps were like labor pains. The doctors don’t acknowledge the cramps.
I do think that it is some kind of connection with your hormones.


I get the creepy crawly feelings and pins and needles all the time. It is different than when your leg/arm fall asleep but similar as to the way they feel. I hate it it only lasts up to 30 secs and is gone just as quick as it came on. I had last week my entire left foot where i couldn’t use it. I couldn’t wiggle my toes move my foot in any directions and it scared me. That also lasted 30-45 seconds. Luckily i had just sat down in the car when it happened or I would have fallen. Mine i can contribute to the seizures. When I’m not taking my meds right or before when the strength wasn’t enough. I hate the feeling when I get it cause you never know what can happen. Hope this helps Andrea

The outer edge of my right heel permanently lost feeling after my craniotomy. It is quite odd because going in to my surgery I knew that I ran the risk of losing some of my vision (which I did), as well as some memory (which I also did), but I never even thought, “My right foot may lose some sensation on the heel.” It is always numb to some degree or another. Sometimes I barely notice it unless I am paying attention, other times it is quite obvious.

when i wake up each morning i feel pins and needles or i quess we should all call it the same thing
more like that part of your body is asleep. One doctor said it best, when he said it is better to have function than feel. It works and does what i tell it to but it just feels asleep.

when we have normal ailments the flu etc, are our meds not going to work as well

getting frustrated with all of this, how long does take it ever, to go back to normal?
Had a avm bleed and stroke last year, I.m 49
will differant meds help, should i keep tring different dosages?