Anyone else have Trigger Finger?

Hello all!

I have AVMs throughout my left arm, concentrated mostly in my hand / left side of my hand.

I had sclerotherapy in 2014 and it caused two new issues:

  • skin flaking / dying / thinning

  • Trigger finger in my Middle and Pinky fingers

Mostly, the trigger finger bothers me. I’ve always had this, however with full mobility pre-therapy. Now, I cannot bend my pinky at my knuckle and feel my middle finger becoming more stiff.

I do as much massage and stretching as I can, but in terms of my pinky, it seems to be too far gone for simple physiotherapy to fix it.

Has anyone gotten treatment for trigger finger, or maybe any other type of problem, in the same limb their AVMs are in?


Hi there!

I am not an extremity AVM survivor. My AVM was in my parietal lobe, and it caused me to have spastic hemiparesis. Last summer, out of the blue, I developed trigger finger on my hemiparetic side. I think it may have been to overuse (cycling long distances).

Indeed, it was bothersome. It was especially so at night. I clench my fists when I sleep and would have to pry my locked finger open with my other hand. I tried stretching, exercising with theraputty, and massage. Nothing gave me complete relief. My PCP eventually referred me to a hand surgeon.

The hand surgeon injected my palm at the base of my finger with Cortisone. He had his assistant spray my hand with a freezing agent, which took the edge off while he did the injection. He said that I could return twice more for additional injections if needed, but that three injections is the limit. After that, he would do a very short out-patient surgical procedure to release the affected ligament. Thankfully, one injection was all I needed. After another month or so, the problem was nearly completely resolved.

That was three months ago. The problem is gone now. It might return again now that biking weather has returned. If it does, I won’t put up with for as long as I did before.

I hope that you find relief soon, too. Take good care.

I also have trigger finger on 3 on my left. I also
had a shot of Cortisone.