Anyone done rollar coasters after avm?

Ok I’m like 20 months out and my family is going to island of adventure in Orlando I mean I don’t really have a doctor to ask and at the end of the day I’m gonna do what I want share your experiences please and thank you

I had a major bleed followed by a successful resection of my AVM via craniotomy. I went to Disney a couple of years ago, and although nervous, I rode every single roller coaster! I've got vertigo issues since my bleed and I will say the roller coasters didn't help but I was just so excited that I could do it I didn't care! I was a lttle more dizzy than usual but it passed fairly quickly. Please do consult your doctor. I asked mine before we went and he said there is not medical reason I couldn't but it might not be so great with my vertigo. You didn't mention if your AVM is still active but you definitely want to be safe. Have fun though!

Thank you my avm was removed a few weeks after my bleed

sigh it would be better to ask your old doctor. Any chance you could just e-mail him? This subject came up on another site. Some people were told it was okay and others were told no. Good luck.