Any words of advice?

Lately i seem to be so hopeless!! No one seems to help, no doctors no nothing! I had a small rupture last week, maybe im just tired! Overwhelmed!! I have anxiety attacks and my drs say they may be seizures im on alot of seizure medication and i see no signs of seizures! My insurance (still medical) wont be covering soon!!! I dont know what to do! My neurologist said all she can help with is my seizures and ive never even had a test to see if i even get seizures! I need medication for my headaches and no one can help with that either! Any help!?? Advice i dont know who to ask for help!!!

well u could request an EEG from your neurologist?? that is what I had to determine seizure problems. not sure about the other things. maybe you just need some distraction. when i get really worried, i know im thinking too much about it. distract yourself. or sit down and figure out what you can do should the worst thing you think could happen, happens. that way you at least can take some comfort in knowing, at least, that you are prepared. are you seeing a psychologist?? we had to see those at my rehab clinic and she really helped me deal with my problems etc....

Yes i think i definitely need to see a psychologist! Ima work on that! An i have to distract myself sometimes i feel really overwhelmed! Thank you for your advice, i did request for that test and well they are gonna work on authorizing that with my insurance! Thank you again!!

no problem!! a serious brain complication/injury can be extremely stressful at times.... it takes a bit of time to learn how to manage it, but don't worry, it'll all be easier when you learn how to take care of it/get adjusted to living with it.

I'm sorry you have been having a rough time, Brenda. Check out the Coping with Headaches group to see if you might find some new ideas there:

Also, join the gamma group and see if those members can help you understand what is happening post-radiation and when it's time to call the doctor or even go to the er:

I hope you feel better soon. And, thanks to mdiam for giving such great feedback!