Any side effects after GK radiosurgery?

I have an AVN residua remained after my craniotomy done 5y ago. Doctors approved GK which I’m about to get done. My current state is: leftside hemiparesis, anxiety, slite fatique and that’s it. I want to know does it worth it to do the radiosurgery becouse of it’s side effects or to take embolization as a second option? THANK YOU

Well, embolization caused my hemiparesis. So I would not think of it as a clear cut better option. Radiation comes with a whole different set of side effects. I would just suggest you ask your doctors to lay all the potential side effects out in advance.

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I agree with @rob1990 . Just try to make as informative decision as you can.

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I’m almost 6 months post gamma knife and feel completely normal. I never had a craniotomy because I found it on accident and the risk was too high. It’s hasn’t been long but I feel good. I get some headaches from the radiation doing its job but it is completely bearable. I would get some opinions from other drs. I opted for gamma knife people all the top doctors I got opinions from said it was my best option/only option.

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Hi Miss M,

Gamma Knife seems to be a very useful treatment but there is clearly quite a set of risks from the procedure. I collated a lot of the gamma knife stories into the Symptoms & Treatment category sub-section on Gamma Knife a few weeks ago. I’d recommend you have a read in there but also make sure you discuss the risks and benefits of your specific condition with your doctor, as the risks and benefits for you will be specific to you.


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Hi Miss M, I underwent gamma knife in January 2017. I was prescribed generic Dilantin before and after. I subsequently developed vertigo of central origin and also double vision in my right eye. Doctors opine that both are a result of nerve damage. I am not sure whether either were caused by the radiation or the generic Dilantin. The good news is that the AVM is gone. John

Hi! How do you know your avm is gone? I did my gammaknife on December 2016 and the doctors say it´s only worth to do an angyography in 2020!

Hi RitaF. Every three months after gamma knife, the neurosurgeon orders another round of MRI/MRAs. The first few reports found no change. The most recent report said it could find no evidence of it. True, it is only MRI/MRA, and not an angiogram. At the initial consultation, the neurosurgeon said it would take 2-3 years for it to be eliminated, and that he would probably want to verify it by angiogram after that time. I have yet another MRI/MRA scheduled for July. So I would say our doctors are generally in agreement on when to perform an angiogram. My AVM was small.

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Mine is small too…only 14 minutes of GammaKnife! That´s also why I can´t stand more time to know if I´m free of danger or not…Thanks for the help!

RitaF, I can’t remember how long my gamma knife was, but I believe your AVM must have been smaller than mine.

Yes…my neuro said it´s the smallest he has ever seen…I´m afraid of another angio, specially because I have thalamic pain and I think that the angios worse it a lot, but I have to know if I´m healead or not ;/

I am so sorry to hear that, RitaF. I just read a little bit about it on Wikipedia, and it sounds complex. Stay strong and have only positive thoughts.