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Any restrictions after surgery?


Hi all
After embolization I was told that the AVM was treated and I was curious if anyone else were told of restrictions to lifestyle afterwards? I’m curious on things like alcohol, flying, roller coasters. I wouldn’t want to do anything to cause it to come back but wanted to check what others have heard from their side. Thank you!



On the contrary, my doctor encouraged me to resume life as normal. In many ways, I think the best thing to do is put the whole episode behind you and resume normal life.

I do think that pushing yourself madly would be a bad thing but that probably counts for “normal” people too.

Have I done as I say? No. Hence I encourage others who can to do so. I’ve had some residual effects that I have been bothered might indicate my embolization didn’t fix all of it. So I’ve trodden a more careful path, though I’ve resumed most things as normal.

If you feel free of it, cast it off properly and just live life to the full. If it is determined to show itself again, it will. But don’t worry about it in the meanwhile, I’d say.

Hope this helps,



@Marty12 The only thing I was told was I could not scuba dive. I do notice if we go up to the mountains I do get a headache.
I dont do roller coasters but everything else is fine


Hi Marty, There would definitely be some restrictions as you could imagine as part of common sense, which may only be temporary though… However your doctors would be the best to advise due to each case being different in their own way and keeping in mind you are allowed to live life no different than anyone else… God bless!