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Any recommendations for a neurosurgeon in USA Florida south area

Hello my name is Yania , I was diagnosed with AVM last year in December . I did gamma knife but my situation is that I want to do a treatment to get pregnant and I do not have much time due to my age (42). The first neurologist I saw told me that in my case either surgery or gamma knife was ok . I was so scare when I was diagnosed that I could not decide to do surgery, so I went to the other way . After a few months I started seeing another neurologist (interventional one ) who gave more hope in doing other treatments options . I did an embolization last month after doing some angiogram a other MRI . There is a neurosurgeon in this team that meet me after my embolization and he is really recommending me to do surgery if I still plan to get pregnant as it is the only way to remove the AVM completely . I am going to see the interventional neurologist tomorrow to speak with about this topic of the surgery. I am really afraid of the surgery. My AVM is not big and is in the right parietal lobe and it is superficial . Do you know any good neurosurgeon in the USA Florida south area ?

The neurosurgeon Who removed my AVM here in Tampa but I believe he also does work in the Miami area as he teaches neurosurgery at the University of Miami also; I highly recommend him.
Dr. Mohamed Samy Elhammady


Hello Mike and thank you . I really appreciate your answer and recommendation. I live in Miami and I know that university of Miami have very good doctors . I will consider it . I do not know anyone with this condition and this is why I registered in this website to find strength and know other people stories. It is really difficult to do research without a recommendation . Really appreciate it .

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Dr Brian Hoh- Gainesville-UF

Thank really appreciate your answer