Any one have frontal lobe craniotomies

My AVM is in the right frontal lobe and am considering the surgery. But would like to know how anybodies experiences was with this the good / bad experiences. I like to be well informed. Do you have any side effects. Any one willing to share their experience is appreciated. I just kind of want to know what to expect.

well you can expect staples in ur head. ive had five surgeries up there and i have a little bit of memory loss but i doubt that will happen to you you’ll have some pain pain for awhile when they take the staples out dont worry because it WILL NOT hurt its more of a tickle. just pray to god to help you get through this. my first 4 surgeries were from when i was 5 1/2-6 1/2 and my last surgery was when i was sophomore but i still have little bleeds bleeds that they cant do anything about right now now but basically what their gonna do is go into your head and, suck the blood out and then kinda like i guess you can say soter (SP?) ur veins back together all this while your asleep. So you wont feel a thing. hopefully.

My daughter had a craniotomy to remove the AVM from her Left frontal lobe. It is my understanding, that if you have to have an AVM, the frontal lobe is a pretty favorable location. Lindsey had a bleed from her AVM, and they didn't even figure it out for a week, because she didn't show any of the usual neurological signs, except for killer headache and vomiting. She did great with her surgery! That being said, she is a kid, and I know that the location even within the frontal lobe will make a difference. Your neurosurgeon should be able to give you a good idea of what side effects are possible from your potential surgery. Lindsey doesn't have any side effects from her surgery. Good luck! Our prayers are with you!

Hi Tonna,

Have you set the surgery date yet? My son's neurosurgeon also recommend surgery to treat his right frontal lobe AVM; so far I heard good/bad experiences. I heard that if your AVM hasn't bled, then usually the surgery will go well.

All the best & keep me posted. Have you set the date yet?