Any of you have trouble moving your eyebrow after brain surgery?

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well. I just wanted to ask if any of you had problems moving or raising your eyebrow after a craniotomy. It’s already been a year and I’m still unable to move it. Every time I do try, my eye scrunches up at the bottom and I’m just really hoping for it to come back .

I can't close my left eye. Was your AVM in the motor area?

Hi Rob,
I believe mine was in the sensory area but they made the incision right in between my eye and ear.

Have you been back to see your doctor since your surgery Monica? I went back to my doc for quite a few years not just for a new scan but to also discuss any issues that had come up over time.

Hi. I had a craniotomy after a brain abscess due to hht. I have had no problems with movement. Originally I had some weird noises in one of my ears that faded and completely went away after 2 years.

Hi jenny! Nice to hear that it went away :) Hope you're dong well!

Hi Debra! Hope you're having a great week so far. I tried to make an appt. for my 6 month angio but was told I wont be needing it until another 5 years. Th NP did say she has never heard of an incident where the movement didn't come back. I could tell that even though it's already been a year, I'm still healing despite what people say. On the outside I look just fine but no one can see how im feeling or what's still healing on the inside. This is definitely one of the frustrating things. Oh well, gotta keep on keeping on, right? :)

After my son’s left frontal AVM resection he couldn’t raise his Left eyebrow due to nerve damage from the surgery. The nerves grew back within a year and he hasn’t had any issues with his left eyebrow since.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for responding. Before he regained movement, Did his eye scrunch up every time he tried to move it?